Decorative Concrete Floor Systems

Building on the success and growth of our Flooring Underlayment Division, MTH has moved full‐scale to meet the growing demand for decorative concrete floors. Working closely with owners, architects, and contractors we have opened a new Division devoted solely to providing professionally engineered and flawlessly installed floors in every contemporary and traditional style.


Highly‐trained MTH crews have been installing underlayments for years and are well versed in the application of the leading floor toppings to transform old, worn concrete slabs into a floor that looks like new. These selfleveling toppings can be stained or colored to create a decorative floor finish.

Polished, Stained
and Architectural
Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are a sustainable design option because we use of the existing concrete floor MTH is fully equipped to manage all aspects of these increasingly popular concrete floor finish.

Whether the project involves structural or non‐structural topping, the MTH approach ensures that every variable is considered and handled, creating a perfect outcome every time.

Resinous Floors

Industrial and Decorative Epoxy Floor Systems

Industrial epoxy flooring systems serve both functional and decorative purposes. The flooring can be installed in varying thickness to meet the demands of any type of heavy industrial use. “Aggressive textures” are available and resistance to battery acids and many chemicals can also be achieved.

Decorative resinous flooring systems from MTH provide a multicolored finish using blended quartz aggregate or vinyl colored flakes. These carefully blended colored materials add decorative appeal while standing up to the tough demands of medium to heavy‐duty traffic environments.